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Below are examples of project design and feature design with integrated visualization. These are selected works with the Jerde Partnership from 1996-2006.
Albert Vass 1996-2006

Zlote Tarasy , Multi-use complex in Poland. Composite of 3d design documentation for glass roof designed using cloth simulators, interior 3d design, exterior view, entry canopy design proposal with refined roof

Construction: Zlote Tarasy, The virtual drape becomes reality. The roof's design model was used as the centerline for engineering by ARUP and fabrication by the Wagner Bureau.

Zlote Tarasy tower icon, 3d design and under construction.

The Arcade at Cyberport, Cybercenter, 3d design for IT focused retail-entertainment complex in Hong Kong. Scales of design process below include project and feature design.

Construction: The Arcade at Cyberport, Exterior and interior forms take shape.

Cyberport Masterplan, Digitally conceived competition for a technology hub / multi-use complex in Hong Kong which won the opportunity to execute the Arcade portion above.

Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa, Exterior 3d feature design, primarilly the entry forms based on the dynamic transformations of a torus, and other elements including versions of the tower top, pool bar and pit bar.

Built: Morongo Casino, Realization of the dynamic Porte Cochere.

Los angeles Grand Avenue Competion, Design with integrated visualization and digital political mitigation for this high profile competion with Jerde, Rios Clementi Hale, Johnson Fain, and others. This project is a part of the 2013 exhibition catalogue for "Never Built: Los Angeles".

Miramar, Entertainment-retail project in Taipei. Images include a sample of the 3d design process catalogue.

Dentsu Headquarters at Shiodome, 3d design of entertainment and retail complex at the base of a Jean Nouvel tower in Japan.

Built: Dentsu Headquarters at Shiodome, The physical manifestation of the intersecting carved eggs.

Circles: Proposed Urban Planning Scheme in Dubai, Exploratory 3D investigations based on sacred geometry with spirals, waves and fractals, envisioning an emotive city of the future.

Mokdong, An early example of 3d designfor a multi-use complex in Korea.

Frontier, Conceptual 3d design formal studies for multi-use complex in China.

Nice, France, 3d concept design of a retail-entertainment venue utilizing an existing historical facade.

Universal Citywalk Expansion, Entertainment retail complex feature design in Los Angeles, visualization phase.

Built: Universal Citywalk Expansion, Virtually Visceral.

JoinBuy, Multi use complex in China, exterior design studies and built result.

Morphology, Prototypical formal 3d investigation inspired by sections of the human form.

Tsuenwan, 3d design of specific formal elements for a multi-use complex based on previous investigations.

Dubai Festival City, 3d re-design of specific courts.

Beijing Mall, 3d interior design. The first image indicates given program mass, the second shows 3d form study, and the third shows final 3d design with materials.

Sports Village, 3d design of entertainment complex in Rotterdam with internal skiing facilities .3d overlay with watercolor rendering by Hank Hockenberger.

Petersen Auto Museum, Proposed 3d renovation design vignettes of automotive museum in L.A.

Hangzhou tower, Proposed 3d design of icon tower with restaurant.

Chengdu 5 Star Hotel and Shopping Center Development, 3D design for high-end hotel development with a retail-entertainment base.

Dubai Festival City, Hollistic 3d re-design of a Power Center in Dubai demonstrates the flexibility of pattern formation techniques as applied to simpler modernist vocabularies. In this case, the design of the "idea engine" applies to a kit of parts and datums.

The Hive , Endemically 3D designed Multi-Use complex. Residential units surround retail and entertainment venues in this archology based on a quick sketch by Jon Jerde and ideas by Paolo Soleri.

Sentosa Entertainment District, 3D designed series of night clubs set on stilts as part of a larger competition, hand sketch by David Rogers.

San Diego Waterfront Competition , 3D design of offices and multi-use complex. The same design model was used to create a number of rendered perspectives, animations, plans, sections, elevations, and 3D printed physical models.


Dubai, Interior Pavilions, Design refinements, 3D re-design of 2 specific courts inside of a larger complex. The spatial framework was given while most of the interior elements were products of the 3d design exercise.

Namba Parks, Phase 2, 3D re-design of escalator tower and refinement of ribbons reinterpreting the existing canyon concept.

Development Proposal in NYC, Very Quick and Collaborative 3D design of proposed multi-use studio/office complex in Queens with John Simmones.

World Market Center, Phase 3 (4 & 5), Endemically 3D designed "black box". Phases 3,4 and 5 were formally conceived together. The first images show the final concept design of entire project. The next image shows the exterior and interior design-development phases. The exploded axon explains the kit of parts and formal ideas. 3D printed models where used extensively throughout all phases and scales of design.